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Here at Isshin Co., Ltd, we are expanding our business to cover a wide range of service industries, from food and drink, to recruitment, travel, and real estate.
We conduct business with a strong spirit of “Omotenashi”, a word to describe our commitment to satisfying our customers, as well as always remembering our local roots.

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Bringing Joy and Emotion to Our Customers
“Food” and “Omotenashi”

Recruitment Agencies

Supporting re-employment after employment
Recruitment for companies in similar groups

Domestic / Foreign Tourism

Tour plans made-to-order via input from customers

Sale and Lease of Land and Property

Contributing to the development of Fukuyama

Inquiries regarding our services

Please call our landline or use our inquiry form if you have any inquiries regarding our services. Thank you.

Tel: 084-952-3090

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